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"My aim as a consultant was always to work my way out of a job – I would still love for that to be possible.”

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Donna Carty

Equality, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant

I have successfully delivered equality and inclusion-related training and consultancy services for over 25 years. In that time, I have most enjoyed working with people and organisations that are serious about change.  

My early work was in housing, completing a Surveying BSc(Hons) and then a Housing MA. I moved into equality training from a senior housing management role when I joined Challenge Consultancy by invitation of the founder, Femi Otitoju.

As Training Director at Challenge Consultancy, I was responsible for managing the training and operational team, including internal and freelance consultants, business development and client relationships, designing and delivering a wide range of EDEI courses, project managing consultancy work and developing new products, including eLearning. I particularly enjoy getting involved with reviewing and developing policies and processes (especially recruitment), bespoke training and eLearning.  

Prior to my role as Training Director, I was Challenge's Training Manager and a freelance trainer, working for the company for over 20 years until it was sold in 2022.

I have worked with numerous organisations across all sectors, from charities to commercial companies, including local and central government, media and the arts. Clients have included:

Arts, media, publishing:  the BBC, V&A, Young Vic,Shakespeare's Globe, UK Theatres, Cameron Mackintosh, Guardian News &Media, Hachette Publishing, Sage Publishing and the  British Medical Journal

Higher education: UCL, King's College London, SOAS, University of Aberdeen, University of Cardiff, Nottingham Trent University, University of Oxford, University of London

Public sector: Houses of Parliament, Border Force, Ministry of Justice, Nottingham City Council, RB of Kensington and Chelsea, Haringey Council

Charities: L&Q, Thames Reach, Evolve Housing & Support, Barnardo's, Amnesty International UK, Jewish Women's Aid, RNID, Liberty, Women's Resource Centre, Prince's Trust International

Membership organisations: Royal Society,  Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Society of Radiographers

Why an elephant?

I have loved elephants since I was young. I realised that they embody many of the traits I admire and try to live by - which are also qualities important in this work.

Elephants are said to have complex emotions, including compassion and empathy, and they demonstrate both grief and love. They are probably most well known for their loyalty, wisdom, strength, positive energy and memory. Elephants have also been shown to be among the few animals to recognise themselves in a mirror: self-awareness – an essential trait when reflecting on our own behaviour.

These are all characteristics I try to show in my work and daily life - though I don’t focus too much on looking in the mirror…


"I aim to work with organisations that genuinely desire to make environments more positive for all staff and accessible and pleasant for customers - whoever they are."


I develop and deliver relevant, engaging training sessions to fit your EDEI needs using my experience across the higher education, private, public and voluntary sectors. From short induction modules to longer-term management and leadership training, my aim is to enable learning and practical action. All of my sessions are interactive and real-world focussed.
I have also worked regularly with actors, giving additional realism to the training.

  • Management and leadership
  • Training for Trainers
  • Dignity Advisers and Listeners
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Dignity and Respect in the Workplace
  • Inclusive Recruitment
  • A range of short courses (please ask)

I like to get fully involved with organisations. I aim to build strong connections and help to embed change.
I carry out short-term assignments, but I particularly like to work in longer-term relationships considering policy, practice and attitudes - working with both staff and management at all levels.
My work includes policy development and review, creating surveys, leading focus groups and report writing. I am also a trained coach and mediator.

  • Policy development and review - including realistic recruitment practise
  • EDI strategy development and review
  • Staff surveys and focus groups
  • Investigation
  • Being a critical, and helpful, friend

I produce engaging, interactive eLearning for organisations across all sectors, working with clients to create modules that meets their needs. Using tailored film and audio scenarios, the modules reflect clients’ real-life work situations.
I work in conjunction with the established and accomplished eLearning developers Little Man Project (LMP). LMP have the same aims as DCDS – producing eLearning that’s absorbing, fun where possible, that makes a practical difference… and is definitely not a tick box exercise

  • Development of modules
  • EDEI films for eLearning or other educational uses
  • Are you developing your own eLearning? I carry out EDEI checks to ensure inclusive and appropriate for all staff

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